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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I Challenge Myself

Received order on : 07/03/09
Confirmed order on : 08/03/09
Delivered order on : 09/03/09

Ordered from Ms Aishah (Stulang Laut) for her beloved sister.
She wish to have 6 rainbows, roses, butterflies, ladybirds, crowns(diff.color) & luvs(diff.color).
(sorry, can only giv u 4 ladybirds & 5 butterflies-tak muat, hehe..)
Terima kasih byk2 to Aishah for trusting me.
I really2 want to make rainbow & finally got the opportunity.
Ms Aishah dh send sms semalam mgatakan yang dia suke..
So, wish to get more order soon..


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