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Friday, March 27, 2009

Another Fancy Cupcakes

Hadoi.. time ada order, kena outstation plak (masuk Spore) a day before. Tak puas ati, mmg tak puas ati..

Apa2pn, thk you so much kat Sarah & kakaknye Aishah coz tak mengamuk (sbb hntr lewat sgt3x!). So sorry but thks again coz ini adalah 2nd order from them..

2 Boxes, 49pcs Mini, Choco Cake, BC Frostg, Fondant Deco

1st Box
(Rainbows, ladybirds, smileys, crowns, flowers - 7 each
Graduation cap & cert - 3 each
Colors-yellow, red, black & white)

2nd Box

(3 rainbows with cloud, 7 supermans, 4 basketballs and...actually Sarah requested 28 dinosaurs with 4 colors.. but tengoklah sndiri jadik ape..hehe..ada rupa kepala dino tak??)


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