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Friday, March 27, 2009

Another Fancy Cupcakes

Hadoi.. time ada order, kena outstation plak (masuk Spore) a day before. Tak puas ati, mmg tak puas ati..

Apa2pn, thk you so much kat Sarah & kakaknye Aishah coz tak mengamuk (sbb hntr lewat sgt3x!). So sorry but thks again coz ini adalah 2nd order from them..

2 Boxes, 49pcs Mini, Choco Cake, BC Frostg, Fondant Deco

1st Box
(Rainbows, ladybirds, smileys, crowns, flowers - 7 each
Graduation cap & cert - 3 each
Colors-yellow, red, black & white)

2nd Box

(3 rainbows with cloud, 7 supermans, 4 basketballs and...actually Sarah requested 28 dinosaurs with 4 colors.. but tengoklah sndiri jadik ape..hehe..ada rupa kepala dino tak??)


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lily Rose

Sebenarnya Lily & Rose
Bila masing2 buat gathering, nampak cam cute plak

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I Challenge Myself

Received order on : 07/03/09
Confirmed order on : 08/03/09
Delivered order on : 09/03/09

Ordered from Ms Aishah (Stulang Laut) for her beloved sister.
She wish to have 6 rainbows, roses, butterflies, ladybirds, crowns(diff.color) & luvs(diff.color).
(sorry, can only giv u 4 ladybirds & 5 butterflies-tak muat, hehe..)
Terima kasih byk2 to Aishah for trusting me.
I really2 want to make rainbow & finally got the opportunity.
Ms Aishah dh send sms semalam mgatakan yang dia suke..
So, wish to get more order soon..


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Box of Roses

I have to admit that making cupcakes lately could be the best therapy after having a hard day in the office, working like a log.
But afterall, the best part is when the cupcakes is ready, we want to share our hapiness with our beloved one

So, why don't you make peoples around you happy? mom, hubby, lover, even bestfriend..

Get a box of roses & surprised them

Click ::HERE:: for details
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