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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day

Received 3 orders for Mother's Day on last Sunday.
Thks to Umie, Yana & Ain.
Layan gambar..
16pcs Medium Souffle Cup, Choco Moist, Buttercream Frosting, Fondant Deco

Dlm teko ada cuppy saiz mini.

Ordered from Umie for her mother in law. I choose the color for her. Hmm.. very soft, pastel color, ssuai utk ibu2. I wish, semoga mnjadi menantu kesygan, amin. (semoga berjaya menjadi..haha..)

VIP Box, Choco Moist, Choco Ganache, Fondant Deco

Yana from JP Perdana order for her mom. Special request from Yana, she wants green kebaya & 2 cups fully roses. Hope U & ur mom like it.

VIP Box, Choco Ganache, Fondant Deco

Ain from Larkin wish to give her mom a box of pink roses. So, this is what she gets.

That's all.
Thks again to all of u.


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