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Monday, April 27, 2009

Selamat Ulang Tahun Tok Mak

Order dr Aishah lagi..
But at this time, she wants to make a surprise for her grandma.
A very last minute order but I still accept bcoz of a few reasons,
1st-she's my loyal customer
2nd-tgh free, no other order
3rd-she asked me to make something sweet & pastel
(maybe mine not so pastel..sorry)
& I am enthusiastic on making colourful flowers at this moment,
so here she goes..

25pcs Mini, Choco Cake, BC Frosting, Fondant Deco

Thks to Aishah. Walaupn dia kt Nottingham sekarang ni, tapi tetap ingt nk order cc dr Dani Cupcakes for her grandma Datin Habibah Yunus yg tinggal di Larkin. Thks again.


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